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ABOUT SPHYNX / The Look & Personality

The Look.


Mystery Cat with gentle eyes that look straight into your heart.


Sphynx is one of the most unique cats. It is impossible to remain indifferent when you see these amazing creatures. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. Sphynx has an open, intelligent and sweet expression with the large lemon shaped eyes and big ears. This is a sturdy medium-boned, athletic and highly muscular cat with the wrinkled face and body. The belly of the Sphynx looks like he has recently eaten a large meal.


Instead of fur, the Sphynx wears a suede-like coat that makes him warm and soft to the touch. It’s impossible not to want to cuddle up with him, especially in a cold weather.

But don’t choose the Sphynx solely for his unique looks. You’ll be getting a lot more: a character who is curious, smart and funny and who will win your heart in no time. 





It is difficult to name Sphynx – a cat, because it is so much more then just a cat. Sphynx cannot stay loneliness, he has to be around people all the time. So if you have a busy schedule and you are away from home most of the day, then it is a good idea to have two so they can play and sleep together while you’re gone.Canadian Sphynx need to be near you, look at you, listen to you, sleep with you, eventually he is becoming an inseparable part of YOU.

"Velcro lap cat" is a very accurate term to describe the Sphynx cat, that wants to be on you all the time. Sphynx is playful,curious and very sociable. This breed is intellectual and aesthetic, they are easily trained, affectionate and not vengeful. Calm and completely devoid of aggression. They are getting along with all cats and dogs in the household, they are very gentle with children and are very loyal and dedicated to their owners.


If you need a family member, a partner in crime who understands your every word, cat that will copy your behavior, work with you on the computer, follow you everywhere, corresponds with friends and family, answer the phone,please and amuse you every hour  then you came to the right place and Sphynx Cat is for you.


Once you have had a Sphynx throw their arms around your neck and give your face loving wet kisses, you definitely will be hooked on this wonderful breed.

We will be happy to help you find your dream kitten and answer all your questions that you might have.

About Sphynx Cats bt Glamour Cattery company
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